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Security Leaps in Redis 6.0

Speaker(s): Vishy Kasar 

With the constant barrage of security breaches that are being reported these days, it is very important for every part of your distributed system to be secure. Fortunately, Redis 6.0 took couple of giant steps in that direction which we are going to cover in this talk. First we go over some current use cases that really motivated such security changes. Then we show how easy it is in Redis 6.0 to set up TLS between client and redis as well as between master and replicas. We then cover the cool new features in ACL area such as:

• Multi password support for a given user
• Multi user support
• Allow different commands to different users
• Allow different keys to different users
• Command Categories

Most of the talk will be in a hands-on tutorial fashion that you can easily follow. You will come out of the talk appreciating the need for these new security features and how to effectively use them on a day to day basis in your own Redis 6.0.

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