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Securing Your Network with a Service Mesh

Speaker(s): Nicole Hubbard 

As companies continue to migrate to using micro-service architectures, new challenges are starting to appear. One challenge is securing the communication between the different services you have deployed. With micro-services you no longer have a single codebase to secure, you have tens to hundreds of codebases. Instead of making changes to each service you can offload this problem to a service mesh. A service mesh manages the authentication, authorizing, and encryption of all communication between services no matter where they are running. This allows you too easily manage the communication between services running on VMs, Kubernetes, or any combination of the two.

During this talk we will walk through how service meshes work and why you should use one. We will deploy Consul Connect inside a Kubernetes cluster and connect our applications inside Kubernetes to our Redis instance running on VMs. Once everything is running we will apply intentions, which allow you to create rules that limit traffic between your services.

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