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Processing 60 million messages a day using Redis: Lessons from the trenches

Speaker(s): Felipe Assoline 

This is a tale about revisiting the architecture decisions we’ve made to build a platform to process more than 60 million of messages a day, introducing the new architectural design and how we choose the right tool to model or problem, beyond some redesign workout we decide to move from Apache Cassandra to Redis as our main database solution.

Wavy Global is part of the Movile group, one of the earliest brazilian unicorns, and is the leading message broker for Latin America, providing customer engagement through channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and RCS. Our core platform process more than 2 billions of events per month using Redis, reaching some peaks of more than 15k events/sec. We will explain why we moved from Apache Cassandra to Redis and the lessons we have learned using Redis with a very intensive throughput to achieve our strict SLA requirements.

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