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Open Source Sustainability and Redis Related Projects

Speaker(s): Chen Ravid 

Open source sustainability is one of the most discussed topics in the open source community. Developers invest time, passion, and talent in creating incredible software, used freely by everyone. But when companies use their code without any form of compensation for the developers, it’s not really sustainable, or fair. With no compensation, how much longer will developers keep developing?

With hundreds of developers working on Redis related open source projects such as clients and modules, it’s in the best interest of everyone who uses Redis that these developers keep creating and maintaining their projects. In my talk, I’ll discuss how open source developers can use simple, straightforward methods to monetize their projects—and obtain the resources they need to keep developing them. I will cover different monetization paths (services, open-core and dual-licensing), their pros and cons, and how to choose the right monetization path for a project. The talk will focus on methods for open source developers in general, but will include Redis specific examples.

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