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.NET Core + Redis = Awesome, Highly-Scalable, Responsive Apps

Speaker(s): Jeff Alstadt 

The purpose of this session is to describe the best industry-proven design practices of building .NET core / Redis microservices using .NET Core 3.1 and Redis. This talk will include a demo of building a simple blog site using ASP.NET Core, Redis, and SQL Server. The demo will demonstrate examples of using RediSearch for blog searching, cache design patterns for caching blog posts and blog likes, active user blog counts / like counts (leaderboards), pub / sub notifications of new blog posts from users, and streaming of blog entries using Redis Streams to SQL Server. The talk will also mention best practices working with Redis in the cloud (Azure Redis) and provide examples of how Polly and StackExchange.Redis can help developers to easily achieve that. The overall goal of this talk is to show that .NET Core + Redis = Awesome, Highly-Scalable, Responsive Apps.

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