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Creating a Highly Available Persistent Session Management Service with Redis and a Connection Pooling Proxy

Speaker(s): Mohamed Elmergawi 

In ecommerce, the goal is to deliver seamless customer experiences around the globe. For Zulily, the online retailer that launches a new store every day to millions of customers, the challenge was to build a global customer session service that could handle hundreds of millions of requests per day , including massive spikes created by Zulily’s urgency-driven shopping model – all while meeting strict latency requirements while minimizing impact from hardware/partition failure and network degradation, allowing customers to shop deals on-the-go.

The talk will go into how the team:
1) Achieved a latency of few micro seconds across the globe due to Redis incomparable performance
2) Overcame the challenge of hardware , network partitioning and cascading system failure by using Golang Ring and and resilience design patterns with an abstracted replication layer across multiple networks and
3) Leveraged open source framework Dynomite to achieve a P2P system, adding a custom proxy service for maintaining and limiting the number of connections and system process without adding any threads and process overhead.

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