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Fake News’ Foe: RedisAI

Speaker(s): Jayesh Ahire 

Fake news has become a huge issue in our digitally-connected world and it is no longer limited to little squabbles—fake news spreads like wildfire and is impacting millions of people every day.

How do you deal with such a sensitive issue? Countless articles are being churned out every day on the internet—how do you tell real from fake? It’s not as easy as turning to a simple fact-checker which are typically built on a story-by-story basis. As developers, can we turn to machine learning?

This session will go over how we can use RedisAI and Twilio to build a service which can predict if a given article is fake or not!

Though I am focusing on application here I will try to explain each and every aspect of RedisAI I am using to achieve the end result. I will also demonstrate how these deployments are simplified with new MLFlow and Kubeflow integrations!

1. Demo of application
2. Explain each component in pipeline we’re using
3. How efficient things are with RedisAI compared with other options
4. How anyone can do this with some understanding of machine learning

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