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Cancellable Timeout Queues, a Use Pattern

Speaker(s): Pipe Gutierrez 

Cancellable Timeout Queues (CTQ) allow you to further decouple your Apps and Microservices by setting messages with a visibility timeout and providing the ability to cancel said messages before the timeout runs out.

In this session I will introduce a Redis module that will provide developers with the ability to create CTQs, how to use them and a couple of use case where they particularly make your life much easier.

Use Cases

  • Charge a user after x days of free trial – CTQ is a particularly good pattern for this scenario since you want to be able to cancel the billing process if the user unsubscribes.
  • Re-engage users leaving your funnel – CTQs make it easy to create a step in the funnel where if “x” amount of time has passed, where the user hasn’t advanced, you might want to contact them to offer help or some special type of treatment.

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